Cycloidal gear reducers

Cycloidal pin gear reducer is a new type transmission device, based on principle of epicyclic transmission and adopting K-H-V small gear run-out.
Its transmission process is as follows: a double-eccentric sleeve with 180o dislocation is installed on the input shaft, and two roller bearings
(called as rotating arm) are installed on the eccentric sleeve, forming H mechanism.
Two central holes of the cycloidal gear are raceway for bearings of rotating arm on eccentric sleeve.
Gearing of a group of pin teeth on cycloidal gear and pin gear forms a reducer mechanism of internal gearing with one tooth run-out.
This product is widely used in metallurgical, mining, hoisting, transport, cement, building construction, chemical printing & dyeing, pharmaceutical, food and environmental protection industries. It is applicable for working temperature range – 40oC ~ +40oC. Under nominal load and speed of rotation, temperature increase of oil sump of the reducer does not exceed 60oC, and the max. oil temperature does not exceed 80oC.
1.Large reduction ratio: primary reduction ratio is 1/11 ~ 1/87; secondary reduction ratio is 1/121 ~ 1/7569;
2.High transmission efficiency: because there is rolling friction at the location of gearing of pin gears,
average efficiency of single stage mechanical transmission can reach up to over 90%;
3.Small volume and light weight: because of adoption of epicyclic transmission principle,
the input and output shafts are designed to be on the same axis, it has compact structure, small volume and light weight;
4.Smooth running and low noise: smooth running and low noise are resulted from relatively great number of gearing of cycloidal pin gears and great factor of eclipsing;
5.Few troubles and long service life: all main components are made from bearing steel, which leads to good mechanical performance and long service life;
6.Strong overload ability, impact resistant and small torque of inertia: it is suitable for frequent start-up, normal and reverse rotation;
simple assembly/disassembly and simple maintenance.


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