Planetary speed gearboxes

Output torque Range: 1000 … 450000 N.m
Transmissible Mechanical Power: up to 450 kW
Gear Ratios: i=3,3 … 9000
Output Configuration:
Foot and flange mounted
Output shaft: solid with key, spline, spline hollow,
hollow with shrink disc
Input Configurations
Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors
Hydraulic orbit motors
IEC and Nema motor adaptors
Solid input shaft
Hydraulic Brake: Hydraulically released parking brake on request
Electric Brake: DC and AC type


PL Gear boxes
PF Gear boxes
WPL Gear boxes
PS Gear boxes
WPS Gear boxes
Special order

*We also can supply shaft mounted speed reducers. If any type or size are not listed, please check with us.

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